Property Type Photos  Description Architectural Style
Condominium     Condominiums may vary in architectural styles
Low Rise Condo or Garden Condominium  Low Rise Naples Florida Condominium A living unit within an association of owners who, together, share ownership of the building(s)common areas, such as walkways, gardens, pool, clubhouse, etc.May have open air parking, car port or detached garage parking. Condos may vary in architectural style. One to three stories. Walk-up or with elevators. Usually share a common walkway along the front of the units.
Mid Rise  Midrise Naples Flordia Condominium Condominium  with four to eight stories. Open air parking, carport or detached garage.  Design may be similar to that of garden condominium
High Rise  High Rise Naples Florida Condominium Eight or more stories.  Parking may be detached, open, carport, or covered under the building in a garage Access to unit by interior or exterior walkways or hallways. Any number of units possible on each floor depending upon layout. Many high rise condominiums have lobbies with amenity level often include pool, workout facilities, meeting rooms etc.
Co-op  Coop in Naples Florida Ownership by a corporation in which resident owns a share and has the right to reside in the unit. Typically a condo structure (low to mid rise)
Townhouse  Naples Florida Town House Membership in Home Owner's Association.  Typically up and down construction with shared common elements.  "Mews" type properties with private pools and patios. Common gardens and walkways.Garages usually on ground floor with living areas above.
Carriage Home  Naples Florida Carriage Home Similar to Coach Homes with the difference being that there are four units to a building and usually larger than Coach Homes. Typically 1,800 to 3,500 sq ft with at least a one car garage. Membership in Home Owner's Association. Four units to a building. At least one car garage. Sometimes elevator within second story unit. Shared common wall and roof.

Coach Home

 Naples Florida Coach Home Similar to Carriage Homes. Membership in Home Owner's Association or Condo Association. One or two car attached garage Six to twelve units per building. Typically 1,400 to 2,200 sq ft, but may be larger.


 Naples Florida Villa Three to four story building with one unit on each floor. Membership in Home Owner's Association. Typically 2,200 to 3,000 plus sq ft. Parking underneath building or open air.
Detached Villa  Detached Villa in Naples Florida Closely spaced Single Family Home, frequently situated in defined, often gated communities. Membership in Home Owner's Association. Characterized by "zero lot" lines. Laid out front to back rather than wide construction. Typically 45' to 65' frontage
Duplex or Attached Villa  Naples Florida Duplex Duplex units are owned by one owner and usually leased. Attached villa is same design, but with separate ownership. May be condo or part of a home owner's association with shared common elements and exterior portions of building including roof. Two identical mirror images. 
Single Family Home  Single Family Home Naples Florida Free-standing home either owned and maintained individually, or membership in a Home Owner's Association or Community Association.  Typically large lots,  80' plus frontage. Lots up to several acres. Styles ranging from cottages to castles.
Sharon and Art David
Sharon and Art David